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An Attitude of Gratitude…

A few years ago, as part of a program I was participating in, I began a process of writing down five things I was grateful for every day.  It may seem simple, but it changed my life.  I was still sick with Lyme Disease at the time & had been through a lot & I think I really had my attention on what the next bad thing that could happen might be.  Keeping my eyes open, as it were, so that maybe I could see it coming.

Gratitude changed that.  Instead of anticipating the worst, it shifted my attention to all the amazing things around me.  I started noticing the way the sunlight filtered through the trees outside my window, the heather growing on the hillside, the snuffly squeals my dog made when she was excited to see me.  Light & heat & sound suddenly became so precious.  It pulled me out of the mire of pain & fear I was in & made me hopeful again.  Aside from the obvious things like my family, food, shelter, etc., I discovered that I could be grateful for all of the little nuances of life.

At first, I felt compelled to come up with five new & different things each day, but, after some time, realized that there are some things in my life that are so huge & constant for me that honoring them every day in my gratitude just felt right.  I am grateful, for instance, that I am a believer & for my spiritual practice & the path my life has taken.  I am grateful that my husband is on this journey with me & that we understand & support each other.  I am grateful for my lovely wonderful daughters & that they have a sense of themselves & a self confidence at a young age that it took me years to develop in myself.  I am grateful that I learned that so I can pass on the good stuff.

Gratitude shifted my mindset.  Instead of looking for problems, I can choose to look for beauty & love.  I relish a well written book, a beautiful painting, a song… there is so much joy to be found!  How can I resist it?  Although it was difficult at first, in time this has become second nature.  I no longer need to write them down every day.  My life is infused with it.  I walk with gratitude each and every day.  I find that the more I am grateful the more I attract wonderful things to be grateful for.

In this process, I was able to add being healed of Lyme Disease to my list of gratitudes.  It’s a huge one.  What a blessing!  I was so glad to be free of illness & so anxious to move on with my life.  Imagine my surprise when Lyme Disease followed me…  not in terms of me being sick, but in terms of me helping others who are ill.  As a result of having Lyme Disease & then being healed, I gained a whole new realm of spiritual knowledge, understanding & ability.  Suddenly my purpose & my vision for my life snapped into focus.  I am meant to help people leave Lyme Disease behind.  And I am so extremely & incredibly grateful for the worst thing that ever happened to me because it brought me here.  Full circle!

I have learned there is an opportunity for gratitude in everything.  Every lesson is a gift.  Even the most difficult things in life have rewards.  I believe that everything that happens to me happens for a reason.  Even if that reason never becomes clear to me.  I have faith.  And, even though I’ve had a lifetime of experiences to draw from, I feel like that first dipping of my toe in the pool of gratitude & committing myself to finding & honoring the good has brought me here…to an attitude of gratitude.

Come on in… the water’s fine.


For Lyme healing:Australian Spiritual Healer, Master John Douglas

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  1. LaDawn March 9, 2015 at 1:23 pm #

    Recently, I was sharing this technique with a student who had been looking for work for 2 years since earning his physics degree. I told him about Benazir Bhutto, the prime minister of Pakistan, who’s political opponents had her in solitary confinement. (“I am grateful for the use of my right hand. I’m grateful for the use of my left hand,” etc.)
    Your experience of gratitude during chronic illness might be a little easier for a young adult to relate to. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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