photoStephanie Buckley

Since I can remember, I’ve had the ability to see beyond the surface & to see, hear & know things that many others do not sense.   I grew up in a spiritual environment, having learned Transcendental Meditation as a child and continuing that practice throughout my life.  Over the years, I have used my heightened or ‘extra’ senses to help others find clarity and feel closer to their most spiritual selves.

After being healed from a chronic illness in 2012,  I began to pursue a deeper interest in spiritual healing, particularly angelic healing.  After trying pretty much everything available at the time to conquer chronic Lyme Disease, I went to see a spiritual healer from Australia, Master John Douglas, who was touring the U.S. at the time.

Not only did I leave Lyme Disease in my wake, but I found a whole new chapter in my life incorporating healing with my intuitive work.  What had once been the bane of my existence (Lyme) became a catalyst to a whole new life and a new way of helping others.  I am grateful for the gift to help people suffering from Lyme disease, other ailments and just whatever life is throwing at them.

I use my intuition and an ability that I have to access the truth in matter at any given moment to assess situations that my client has questions or concerns about.   Delving deeply into the matter and getting as much detailed information as I can, I then ask for specific healing from the Angels for my client.  In some cases, this healing may be directed toward physical issues and, in others, struggles with relationships, money, career or other life concerns.  The Angels conduct the healing and I am simply the instrument for bringing the Divine influence into my clients’ lives.

I’m just like you.  I’m a daughter, a mom, a wife and a friend.  I enjoy knitting and writing and art.  I am a regular person living in this world, but I can also offer you a window into the Divine.  It is my great joy to help you and anyone who finds their way to me.

*A note about Lyme Disease:

I am currently being educated in the healing of Lyme Disease.  I was recently given permission to request Lyme healing from the Divine for my clients.  I am, however, a kindergartner in comparison to Master John Douglas, and I suggest strongly that my clients attend a workshop with Master John Douglas and Spirit Repair in addition to working with me.  I can also assess the make up of the infection and help with symptoms of detoxification post healing.