Resolutions? Nah.

Happy 2016!  It’s a brand new year and I’m feeling inspired to write.  It’s been awhile with other parts of life taking over and I have been missing this.  So, “hi”, I’m back! I am not, however, making a resolution about it.  I gave up resolutions a few years ago after looking back to see […]

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New and improved

I’m still here.  I didn’t fall into a crack in the earth’s crust.  I didn’t self destruct or run screaming away never to be seen again.  I just felt quiet for awhile.  I felt I was being reorganized by the Divine & needed some silence. Right about the time of my last post in May, […]

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Laying on Hot Rocks is Cool

I sell products!  I do not however just sell products for the sake of selling them.    I am not comfortable endorsing anything that I have not tried myself & that I feel really good about.  If it’s for sale here it’s because I’ve used it & I love it.  For this post, I’m going […]

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Chaos Theory

Well, it has been awhile since my last post…  life is taking over and I am riding the wave.   In the past four weeks I have been sick twice, had sick children at home, traveled to Southern California, co-coordinated an auction fundraiser, worked with Lyme sufferers, healed, counseled, cleaned, hosted family at my house […]

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There must be a reason… Faith

Life has been a whirlwind – I’ve been sick, traveled to San Diego for Spring Break, talking to Lyme disease sufferers, working on taxes, shuttling my busy kids to rehearsals, helping my dad through a quadruple heart bypass only to find out that he now has cancer…  Phew!  I was starting to think that I should […]

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I See You … Intuition

I find the concept of intuition both mysterious and compelling.  Even now, after so many years of working with my own inner knowing, I couldn’t pin it down for you.  It ebbs & flows.  It changes continuously.  It is never the same.  It’s one of the reasons that I love what I do so much. […]

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The Heat is On…

I am not shy.  I tend to speak candidly about subjects that others might feel less inclined to broach in a public setting.  One of the newest journeys in my life is menopause.  What fun!  Let me start by saying that I really, really want to approach things from love & positivity as much as I […]

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Lyme Disease & Miracles

When it comes to Lyme Disease, everyone has a story.  It’s kind of like when moms share their birth stories, except that most Lyme stories don’t have a happy ending.  My Lyme story is different.  My Lyme story IS a birth story, complete with happy ending. What many people don’t know about Lyme is that […]

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Water texture

Surrender is the thing.

When I was sick with Lyme, in a certain sense, my life was pretty simple.  I couldn’t do much & there weren’t many choices.  I didn’t have a lot of myself left to lose.  It was actually quite peaceful. There was nowhere else to be but fully in the present.  The illusion of control is powerful. […]

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