Important Links

In support of the healing work I do, I recommend the services & products offered below to help enhance your healing experience.

 Spirit Repair 

Australian Spiritual Healer Master John Douglas healed me of Lyme Disease & changed my life.  There are not enough or adequate words to describe what he is & what he can do.  He is bringing the light in a very big way.  Check out his website here.  Products for the Lyme Disease Protocol may be purchased on the products pages.  I strongly advise checking out as a guest on this website.  The sign in feature can be glitchy.

Blue Ocean Minerals

Blue Ocean Minerals provide the best source of mineralization for the body.  Check out all the info. here. The minerals may be purchased from Spirit Repair.


Exceptional quality essential oils for multitude of applications for physical & emotional healing.  I find that certain oils can be very soothing & beneficial to the detoxification process.

Light of the Soul

My longtime friend Monica Hayward shines her light & provides amazing insight through Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) & intuition.  Check out her youtube channel for great videos explaining planetary influences in our lives!

The Organic Company

Organic clothing, bedding & natural toys.  Limiting exposure to additional toxins is extremely valuable to the healing process.

Organic & Healthy, Inc.

Natural products & furnishings for a healthy & beautiful home.