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Lotus Angel 1 hr. Session


Intuitive healing sessions offer clarity & healing to spiritual, health & life challenges.  Allow an infusion of the Divine to help you move forward with peace & grace.  One hours sessions are either in person or by telephone.

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Product Description

An intuitive healing session lasts approximately one hour.  I ask that each client be prepared with one to three areas of concern that they have identified in advance of our session.  We will begin with these & the session will unfold from there based on the guidance being received.  Each session is organic.  There is no telling where the Angels may take us!

With the help of the Angels,  I am able to scan for the truth in matter.  This allows me delve deeply & investigate, and armed with that information ask for specific healings to address the cause & factors of your concerns.  In many cases this occurs with a dynamic back & forth between my client & I.  The client often knows without realizing what the key elements for healing are in a situation.  Sessions can be very affirming in this way.

During the session I will often receive intuition regarding supplements, or other changes & actions you can take that may help with your concerns.  I will offer these suggestions to you to implement at your discretion.  I suggest having a pen & paper handy for notes.

Scanning requires the use of my hands.  For in person sessions, I ask that the client sit quietly until I have finished the scan.  For telephone sessions, the client will be on speakerphone & I will ask for silence at the appropriate times.

In addition to the healing that can occur, clients can expect to walk away from a session with a greater sense of clarity & knowledge that will help them move forward in the area of their life that was addressed during the session, hand in hand with the Divine.

In healing there is an effect known as the “healing crisis”.  The healing can often have a detoxing effect & stir things up for a day or two after our session.  Please don’t be discouraged.  This is normal.