“My sessions with Stephanie produced clear and positive results. She tuned into precisely what I needed and as a result I felt stronger and healthier.”  A.L., California

“Stephanie is being guided by Master Angels. With the blessings she is sharing, anything is possible. I feel that she was chosen to become a healer of Lyme Disease . She tunes into the Divine and is able to pinpoint the essential issues and the best treatment for you individually. I have even had her go through the different modalities that I have been using and asked her to give insights into which things were helping and which were not. This information is coming from a higher realm.  Stephanie has great compassion. She had Lyme for many years so she understands what it is like to have a debilitating disease that cannot really be healed with conventional medicine.”   M.K., Oregon

“Stephanie is a highly intuitive and deeply caring person who has answered the call to help others with their healing. Stephanie’s own healing and transformation was nothing short of a miracle and she is very inspired to serve others as a result. Her integrity and commitment have served me well.” C.D., Ashland OR